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October 31, 2007 by hasser

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope everyone has a spooktacular fright night!!
Watch the video below. If you come upon any zombies… you’ll be ready to fight!

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October 10, 2007 by hasser

Goin’ Coastal

I’m heading east to Boston for my friends, Damian and Ali’s wedding. It’s going to be a blast, and I’m the Best Man, which means I get to give a cheesey toast. Ok… maybe I won’t make it toooooo cheesey.
Anyway, I haven’t been to Massachusetts in eons, so I’m looking forward to seeing the ocean over my other shoulder for change!

Unfortunately I probably won’t have time to see the Red Sox kick some Cleveland Indian ass.
Go Bosox!

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October 2, 2007 by hasser

I’m a dinner jacket

I had just stopped thinking about last week’s UN summit in New York, when I watched the first SNL Digital short of the new season, “Iran So Far.” Andy Samberg has done it again, which is really no surprise, seeing how brilliant his previous shorts have been.

This one really hit home because at work we’ve been discussing just how difficult of a name Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is for most of our anchors to pronounce. Heck, I used to stumble through myself when trying to explain the Iranian president’s latest misstep or defiant act against the U.S.

Then a co-worker showed me this article in the SF Gate. It’s about all the tricky names there are to pronounce at the UN. It’s probably one of President Bush’s worst nightmares. One of the correspondents came up with an ingenious method to pronounce the international names he has to deal with while he’s there… match them to other words that sound somewhat like the name. He used Ahmadinejad as an example. Just say, I’m a dinner jacket. Of course you have to end it with a “d” instead of a “cket,” but I think it really does work. He also says it sounds better if you use a British accent while saying it. Maybe it works, maybe doesn’t, I’ve recently found myself saying the phrase over and over again… aloud… in the newsroom. People shoot me puzzled looks, but once I explain the significance they’re also hooked.
I’m a dinner jacket.
I’m a dinner jacket.
I’m a dinner jacket.
Now , if only I had a dinner jacket to wear while I mumbled this, I’d probably blend in better to the downtown San Francisco scene…

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