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January 31, 2008 by hasser

History in the making

What a great night!
I’m watching the first Democratic Presidential Debate between just Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

It’s very entertaining watching the two historic candidates try to remain civil, while persuading voters why they’re different and better than the person sitting next to them. Definitely a different feel from the angry debate in South Carolina.
I’ll be happy with either Hillary or Barack at this point…
Oh yeah… and a Lost season premiere night too! Now that’s a ticket I’d vote for!

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January 11, 2008 by hasser

Bluetooth, Red Ear…
Bluetooth, Red Ear…

So I was scratching my ear the other day when I noticed a … stinging sensation when my finger happened to hit the little fleshy/cartilage part that’s right in front of the ear canal. I was going to call that part of the ear the lobe, but then I realized that’s the little fatty part that droops down at the end of the ear … I think. Am I right or wrong?

But I digress…
Later that day, after taking a shower, I noticed my ear was bleeding!! I figured it was some random knick or scrape and didn’t think a thing about it.

Then today, I decided to pop in my newish bluetooth headset while I went for a walk along the ocean. Actually, trying to use a bluetooth headset next to the ocean isn’t a smart or a kind thing to do to your caller or callee. I’ve been told the phonecall on the other end sounds like I just shoved the person’s ear inside a jet engine. So why I thought it would be any different today is beyond me! But I digress again…

Anyway, as I shoved the headset into my ear it struck me! Well… actually it was more the pain first hitting my nervous system than it was my brain deducing the situation. But I had figured out the mystery, nonetheless. I hadn’t had this sore in my ear until I started using that infernal wireless machine!

What’s peculiar is, I don’t use the headset that often for it have created my current infirmary. At least I don’t think I do? I’m definitely not one of those guys you see walking down the street chatting everyone up, or trading stocks. And I’m certainly not one of those people that wear a bluetooth headset trying to talk to the party on the phone, while carrying out conversations to other people in person. That’s just annoying!!
Damn it all to hell… what good is technology if it rips your flesh off?
I guess I’ll just keep using the thing and expect to have a callus in my ear?
Man… I can’t wait for that new cell phone implant that’s injected right in our heads. Now that won’t be uncomfortable at all!

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January 10, 2008 by hasser

Here we go again…

I’ve been through it before, and it looks like I’ll go through again.

No big surprise here, the rumors have been swirling years before I got there, KRON 4
Television is up for sale.
The story has already hit the newspapers around the Bay Area. Marketwatch also gives some insight into the sale.
This will be my third station to work at that has been for sale, and subsequently sold. It’s beginning to become old hat! The first time, Meredith purchased KPTV, creating a duopoly in Portland, Oregon with KPDX. That time, the stations swapped affiliates, seeing KPTV was the stronger station in the market.
Then I worked at KOIN in Portland. That station was owned by Emmis, which eventually liquidated its television stations. KOIN remained the CBS affiliate in Portland, but from what I understand the place went through some bare-bones times.
This time around will probably be the same as my past experiences. Lots of new rumors daily… worry and anxiety among the employees, and reassurance from management.
It’s all good though. My feeling is whatever happens to KRON now will most likely be an improvement for the veterans who have worked there for years. Many a story I’ve heard about the golden days of KRON… so maybe (I’m being optimistic here) the golden days are set to return again.Just as long as Tommy’s Joynt stays open next door, I’ll always like working there!

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