Taking a step back to see the bigger picture
June 18, 2008 by hasser

Wii, are the champions!

I played it once and was instantly hooked. Now I’m a proud owner of a Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

And it only took two weeks of hunting around the entire Bay Are for one!

I was making my round of calls to area stores (I’ve come to learn all store clerks loathe the “do you have any Wii’s in stock?” question), and I actually got lucky! A nice guy from a GameStop store about ten minutes from my place finally gave me the answer I had been waiting for.
“Yes, we have Wii’s in stock.”I think I was dumbfounded!I actually stumbled when he said yes. I replied “you… you … you do?” He assured me they did. But when I asked how many they had and he said he couldn’t tell me over the phone, I knew it was a race against time!
I was still in my pajamas when I placed the winning call. Luckily I had already slurped down two cups of coffee and had even eaten a little breakfast.
Like a jackrabbit on speed, I jumped off the sofa, ran to my room, threw on the cleanest clothes within reach, brushed my teeth (I just couldn’t go out without brushing my teeth… lol), ran to my car and drove like Niko Belic on the way to pick up his cousin Roman for a night of girls and pool in Liberty City.
I got there in the nick of time too!

I jumped out of my car as if it were about explode… ran-walked (I didn’t want to seem too excited) into the store and saw a man standing at the counter… buying a Wii no doubt! I was the only other customer in the store though.

I took a deep breath.

I spotted a second clerk, grabbed his attention, and announced in a calm, civilized fashion, “I’d like to buy a Nintendo Wii please.”

He looked at me, smiled. He replied, “you got the last one!”


A shit eating grin just had to have appeared on my face at that very second. I probably looked like a kid walking into the Magic Kingdom on his first trip to Disney World. But oh yes, victory was mine! I had secured something more precious than a never-ending barrel of crude oil. Ok… maybe that’s an exaggeration… but seriously… these things are damn hard to find! I could probably walk into Osama Bin Laden’s hidden cave easier than finding a Wii!

And when you see one in a store… you just have to pounce on it!

It goes back to the days of survival when men had to hunt for the clan. Come back empty handed, and not only do you confront hungry women and children, you lose your dignity and manhood!
But my machismo stands intact, my friends. Which sounds quite ridiculous seeing I’m a 34 year old guy desperately searching for a video game console that’s the envy of teens, tweens and even younger kids!

I don’t care though. My inner child is cheering like it’s the end of another school year!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to crawl into my little gaming cave and explore the world of Wii. It’s going to be a magical journey I know! Hell, I might even gobble down a magic mushroom and start throwing fireballs at koopas!

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