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December 5, 2008 by hasser

Left 4 KRON

So about a month ago, I started seeing commercials and advertisements for the new video game, Left 4 Dead. It’s set in a zombie apocalypse world and focuses on the struggle/fight/journey to survive by four humans who somehow managed not to be eaten by the hordes of undead.
I immediately bought this game, as post-apocalyptic scenarios

post-apocalyptic scenarios
are one of my favorite daydreaming pastimes.
But there was something else about this game that stuck out to me like a sore thumb… It’s logo!

Left KRON Dead

I work at KRON 4 in San Francisco. And when I first gazed on Left 4 Dead’s logo… I gasped and thought… WTF!?!
I’m sure it’s a hilarious coincidence that the 4 in “Left 4 Dead” appears to resemble the 4 in “KRON 4.” I think… ?
Maybe someone in the design department for Valve Software used to live in San Francisco, or even worked for KRON… who knows.
Regardless, when other people in the newsroom started seeing the ads, I could hear them whispering about it in their cubicles. Now that people know what it is, it’s a fun little joke.
So I thought I’d just share this little tidbit on here, because I think it’s too obvious not to point out.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a zombie horde on my ass and I’m nearly out of ammo. If you get to the rooftop in one piece, signal me with a flare!

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