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May 7, 2009 by hasser

I robbed a bank

When I logged onto Facebook

this afternoon, I had quite an unexpected and entertaining note from a television news photographer I used to work with in Portland, Oregon.
It was a link to an article from a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania newspaper. The story was about a lone bank robber who recently knocked off a bank there. My friend Scott’s note simply read, “Were you in Pittsburgh around noon today?” And here’s why:

Maybe it’s the angle, or who knows what, but this robber has a stunning resemblance to me!
Sure he’s older and the police description puts him a little shorter than me, but it’s kind of weird!
I asked around my newsroom to see if this guy really did look like me. I got a bunch of chuckles, and my friend and producing colleague, Brandice, said that I was much cuter than the aforementioned robber. I’d have to say she’s right. But who knows. Maybe this is me… from the future… coming back in time… to knock off banks to get rich. Maybe I lose a few inches of height in a tragic accident 20-30 years from now… who knows!
But I definitely think it’s odd, and entertaining!
By the way, here’s the link to the newspaper article: Lone bandit robs National City Bank in Buffalo Township
So if you happen to see me in a bank soon, don’t freak out… I’m just there to make a deposit. A legal deposit without any firearms that is!

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