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October 19, 2009 by hasser

Hadgel’s Here!
Hadgel’s Here!

One thing’s for sure, when I put my mind to something that’s extremely ridiculous I usually carry through with it; and this is a perfect example. While wandering through Target one day way over a year or so ago, I came across a computer program that caught my eye… a computer animation program. I don’t know why, but when I saw the product I immediately thought I must have it so I can create cartoons! I guess the idea had been laying dormant in my subconscious since I was a kid or something, when I doodled up a storm on any paper I could find.

Like I said, that was more than a year ago. I let the program sit in the box for about a month, then decided to finally install it on my computer. Once I got it set up I realized just how complicated of a task that making a cartoon would be, so my enthusiasm faded even further. But for some reason, the idea of creating my own animated short just stuck with me. So I came up with an idea that I thought wouldn’t be too complicated, and of course I wrong about that as well! I kept at it though. I read and watched tutorials…. and I came up with Hadgel.

Hadgel is a cartoon about a little boy and his pet and the unique world in which they live, and of course their adventures.

I’m really happy I finally got this cartoon finished so I don’t have to keep hounding myself about it! You know the feeling I’m sure. Now I can get back to the important things… like paying bills and seeing the sunlight once in a while!

So without further ado, here’s Hadgel:

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October 15, 2009 by hasser

Hey Safeway, SUCK IT!

You know what? I’m sick of going to Safeway just because it’s the closest grocery store to my house. Every time I leave that place I’m just livid!
For instance today, I’m in the checkout lane and the elderly lady in front of me bought a lot of groceries. The checker half-assedly bags them and lets the stuff sit on the counter. She doesn’t help the woman put them into the cart like you would think a nice checker would do for someone.
The elderly lady waited for a moment and realized she wasn’t going to get any help.
She politely asked the checker, “You don’t have anyone to help me out today?”
The checker dismissed her with a blunt, “Oh yeah, but he’s on break right now.”

I know every worker is entitled to a break, but don’t you think the checker could have gotten someone in the store to help this poor frail lady out with her groceries? I offered to help her, but she politely refused and thanked me.
Pathetic customer service!

That’s not all.

Safeway’s prices suck! $2.69 for a dozen eggs? Are you kidding me? I could buy a live chicken for less than $2.69 and have it lay eggs for me!
A dozen eggs in Indiana are less than a dollar? Is there something special about California eggs that I don’t know about?

Then I’m looking for bacon bits. Not real bacon bits mind you… the crunchy “bacon flavored” bits. They’re a soy based product, and frankly I like them in a salad better than real bacon… a sin I know!
They don’t have any…. just a $5 bag of “real” bacon pieces. Really? Five dollars? I could go buy a pound of bacon and make them myself cheaper!

So I find the nearest employee, ask him if the cheaper bacon bits might be somewhere else in the store. He leads me back to the same spot where I found the primo bacon bits and pointed. I politely explain to him that other Safeways have the cheaper store brand bacon bits. He blows me off by stating, “Well, they’re bigger stores, we’re smaller.” No “sorry” or “could we possibly order you some” or any other typical response you would expect from a grocery store employee.
Oh well, so much for customer service!

That’s just what ticked me off…. TODAY!

This same Safeway has also overcharged me several times on Produce, and never apologized once for doing so.

This same Safeway has a closing time of Midnight. I’ve gone in there on several occasions at 11pm or 11:30pm. Most of the store lights, including the shelves and refrigerated sections, are already turned off making it nearly impossible to see what you’re looking for in the store. I made a comment to one of the employees about it one time, and he simply laughed and said it was their way of telling me to GET OUT OF THE STORE!

And then there’s Wednesday’s crash on the Bay Bridge involving a Safeway Truck. Apparently the truck driver didn’t know about the new S-Curve section of the bridge, sped through it, lost control and flipped the truck. Traffic was snarled for more than five hours! To make matters worse, the accident wasn’t fully cleared until another Safeway Truck, with a police escort, arrived to unload the contents of the flipped truck. Now I wonder if Safeway is going to sell those most likely damaged products at full price somewhere? No doubt they will!

Why do I continue to shop at Safeway?
I’ve asked myself that question for the last time. From now on, I’m driving farther to the Asian grocery store up the hill where most everything is cheaper, the produce is fresher, the eggs are below $2, and despite a language barrier the employees actually smile and try to help my white American ass!

That’s it Safeway, consider this my Dear John letter. You suck, and you can suck it! BIG TIME!

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