Taking a step back to see the bigger picture
February 27, 2010 by hasser

Forest on the edge

Ghostly Dead Forest

If we never loved, or cried, or laughed, or screamed in rage.

If we never kissed, or struck, or hugged, or winced in pain.

If we never shared ourselves, or coveted our feelings, or experienced victory, or loss.

If we never took part in any of those things, we would surely not be human,
but lifeless trees in a forest on the edge of oblivion.

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February 19, 2010 by hasser

Epic Beard Man
Epic Beard Man

How does one man garner so much internet fame without even trying? I guess he just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe it’s the right place depending on how you’re looking at the situation. Or maybe he’s just a Mother Fucker, as one of his shirts suggests.

To the real world though, he is Thomas Bruso, or call him Tommy Slick if you dare; a 67-year-old Viet Nam veteran living in Oakland, California. These days, he’s better known as Epic Beard Man.
And this is why he has become an online phenomenon:

That encounter between Bruso and another man on an AC Transit Bus in Oakland has been viewed more than 2 million times in just a short amount of time on YouTube. It’s not every day you get to see a “senior” kick some serious ass on a bus. That and the fact Bruso’s shirt choice for that particular day turns the brawl into something even more unique, some might even say… something close to a cosmic event.
Within a few days Bruso’s legend grew larger than life, as he was dubbed Epic Beard Man. Shortly after the bus fight video came out, it was discovered this was not the first time Bruso had appeared in a YouTube video because of a confrontation:

That man getting tased by police officers is in fact, Thomas Bruso. His rise of online fame/infamy is purely a coincidence. An older man fighting on a bus, or egging on police officers to tase him is not an every day sight for most. But it happens and Bruso has shown the world, or at least the online community, that messing with older people is not always a wise idea. The following video is a KRON 4 News interview with Bruso. It reveals that internet legends are not in fact epic, but simply real people, with real problems, sometimes captured on video.

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